The Midnight Library

Ik had al lang geen fictie meer gelezen. Toen ik echter de beschrijving las van The Midnight Library wist ik het: dit is er eentje voor mij.

Eén leven. Veel varianten. Gefundenes fressen voor iemand die vaak twijfelt na een keuze.

En ik had gelijk. Het is een intrigerend boek en concept, maar vooral doorspekt met weergaloze passages.

“Bertrand Russell wrote that ‘To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three-parts dead’. Maybe that was her problem. Maybe she was just scared of living. But Bertrand Russell had more marriages and affairs than hot dinners, so perhaps he was no one to give advice.”

“Are you all right?’ Dan asked, when he came into the bedroom. His voice, she realised, didn’t sound like she remembered. It sounded emptier. A bit colder. Maybe it was tiredness. Maybe it was stress. Maybe it was beer. Maybe it was marriage. Maybe it was something else.”

“We had all kinds of great. But you were right to finish it. You did the right thing, in the cosmic order of things. There is no rejection, there is only redirection.”